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CyberMaster 2014

Is innovative software, which will quickly and effectively satisfy the needs of enterprises of any size currently using information systems.

Our software improves decision making and makes it easier to create specific unit structure and to service that structure.

Features of CyberMaster 2014

  1. Creates an index of all units to count in multilevel hierarchal registry uniquely customizable for each distinct format
  2. Tracks and manages contracts with internal and third party service providers and reflects their terms in calculations
  3. Budgets with planned and emergency expenditures, including budget limits, as well as estimates for income and expenses
  4. Fully customizes algorithms and formulas for creating reports based on the registry, contracts, and budget information
  5. Interfaces smoothly with MS Office Excel in order to generate reports
  6. Integrates seamlessly with other information systems and databases for the exchange of data

We have found this software to be extremely useful as an everyday tool for urban planners, builders, engineers, government and educational entities.

We believe that just about any organization or business would be benefited by the use of CyberMaster 2014.

CyberMaster 2014 is an advanced application built on multi-tiered, object-oriented architecture.

CyberMaster 2014 can be deployed as a desktop application

The following tools and languages were used for development:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  2. Visual C# and programming languages
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 as DBMS
  4. Microsoft Office 2007 and up