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Softark Inc. in cooperation with the Russian company KOD-M that has been operating as an IT provider in the Moscow housing market for nearly two decades and has established itself as a reliable partner with an impeccable reputation, is successfully utilizing CyberMaster 2014 for a wide range of applications.

CyberMaster 2014 is a unique tool that allows the development of applications beneficial to governing units, self regulatory agencies as well as other housing market participants (asset management companies, service agencies, homeowners’ associations, service providers etc.).

The applications listed below have been created and have operated successfully with CyberMaster 2014 setup -

  1. Automated Control and Management of apartment buildings;
  2. initial recording of solid and bulky waste removal and disposal;
  3. measurement of energy consumption, as well as hot and cold water consumption and heater meter readings for apartment buildings;
  4. budgeting revenues and expenses for each apartment building, district, county, city;
  5. keeping track of actual maintenance of each apartment building and clean-up work;
  6. creation of various reports for asset management companies;
  7. support of electronic archives of documents;
  8. maintenance of electronic certificates of district, county, city buildings;
  9. performance analysis of asset management companies, district, county;
  10. creation of reports for asset management companies, county, city;
  11. maintenance and control of the implementation of custom programs;
  12. calculation of tariffs for resources utilization;
  13. implementation of energy-saving technologies and its analysis;
  14. keeping a database of apartment owners;
  15. organizing apartment owners’ meetings by absentee ballot.