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The list of applications that can be created based on CyberMaster 2014 is constantly growing. New areas of application development have already gone far beyond the housing market. Studies on compatibility with CyberMaster 2014 are conducted in manufacturing, construction, railway industry, agriculture and other fields. These studies show that CyberMaster 2014 can be used in any of the above mentioned industries, as well as where there is need to record and provide multifactor analysis, including a complex manufacturing process,, optimization of technological processes or other activities. Currently, the work is underway to expand the functionality of CyberMaster 2014 and to create a new version of CyberMaster 2014 - CyberMaster 2016.

The company’s plans for the near future include such tasks as

  1. developing Web UI;
  2. adapting CyberMaster 2014 to be compatible with ORACLE DBMS;
  3. increasing analytical reporting block capabilities to select the best solutions with multivariate analysis;
  4. search for new areas of utilization of CyberMaster 2014.